Why Rent Buggy from us for a Visit in the Dubai Desert?

Do you want to enjoy the beauty of the Arabian Desert in Dubai? Let’s experience our four Wheeled machines in the desert and make memories. We provide a true buggy rental adventure with the best deals across the Arabian Desert.
4 Seater Can Am Buggy

AED 1500/Hour

4 Seater Buggy

AED 1200/Hour

Quad Bike

AED 350/Hour

Desert Safari

AED 199/Day

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Ride with Caution

Use your eyes (yes, this is essential) to acquire an overview of the next twenty meters. Slow down and drive gently sideways if you can’t see what’s behind the next dune or bend. Always abide on your guide’s route. This ensures that you do not wind yourself in terrain that has not been thoroughly inspected for safety. You can play in specific sections at your own risk if you feel secure doing so. If you are hesitant about your next move, stop and wait for your guide to assist you.

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Amazing experience with buggy rental in Dubai

You’re on the right page if you are looking forward to a fantastic trip to the dune buggy rental. You will experience the exceptional beauty and passion of the dessert of the emirates with us. We are the best known and most prominent leading the buggy rental service in Dubai. We will make this trip on dune buggy rides unforgettable for you and your people: excellent performing dune buggy cars, quad bikes, and even motocross dirt bikes. Our adventurous guiders will make you see tearing up dunes in the range of Polaris quad bikes and buggy cars, with a fantastic impression of horsepower.

The guides that we provide are fully acknowledged about everything and are highly and professionally trained. On the other hand, they all are friendly and interactive and will make you feel at ease and not restricted. Dubai Polaris buggies are fully maintained and fitted with modern safety features and standard features, including 4-point race harnesses, doors, and full roll cages automatically.  The best part is that you do not need a driving license to rent and drive our buggy car from buggy rental Dubai. We provide all the protection gears and refreshments to keep up your energy and enthusiasm high. So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call asap and book your slot for unforgettable adventures and thrilling buggy race fun with us. Please give us the prestige to serve you with the best and excellent services in a friendly atmosphere.

Precautionary Measures We Take to Avoid Any Incident

Our Dubai dune buggy camp provides free safety gear for our guests to use to keep themselves protected. A proper racing helmet, long racing shirts, and gloves are necessary to guard against small rocks or bushes that may be thrown during high-speed racing. 

You can find chest, elbows, knees, and back protectors among our collection of protection kits. Dune buggies do not have windshields; this is why we provide racing goggles to prevent dust, grit, and stones from getting in your eyes. We believe that driving safer is more enjoyable when using racing goggles.

Always use a seat belt to keep yourself safe. Our buggies are outfitted with 5-point racing harnesses that prevent you from moving even a centimeter in the seat. This minimizes the probability of devastating injury if the dune buggy collides or crashes. 

Keep your hands inside the buggy; this is exceptionally imperative for the passengers. The passenger is gripping a handle in front of him, which he should tighten during the voyage.

Speed is the leading cause of fatalities and incidents in the desert. Even little grass humps may become perilous ramps, causing you to roll and smash the buggy violently. Simply select a pace that is appropriate for you. This provides you time to adapt to shifting dune conditions. Slow down if you wish to drive slower than the advice. 

The speed of the tutorial will be adjusted to meet your requirements. Do not perform 360s/donuts or drift. The sand conditions are shifting, and you may come across some hard sand or stones that cause you to roll over. Do not enter turns at high speeds. You may roll over if your outer wheels become jammed.

As it says, practice makes a man perfect, driving is a skill that requires practice and attention. Driving over sand dunes requires more practice than on roads, because of the silky sand. Don’t come to a halt on a dune unless you’ve already reached its apex. 

You’ll be stuck if you don’t. If you see the buggy slowing down when climbing a dune and you’re ready to halt, don’t accelerate any more. Drive cautiously back down the dune and try again from a flat surface. Stop the buggy and wait for assistance if it is no longer moving ahead. Don’t try to flee at full speed; it will just sink you deeper.

Make Memories with Dune Buggy Rentals Dubai

A visit to safari is a must when you are in Dubai, for that you would be in search of buggy rentals Dubai. You are on the right search; the most reliable buggies are Polaris 1000cc and turbo engine, can-am maverick x3 Dubai turbo models also available here. It is going to be a thrilling and a mesmerizing experience for you in the huge dunes of the deserts of Dubai, UAE.

We have experienced and well-mannered tour guides who are sensible yet hilarious, enthusiastic, and energetic who will help you boost your energy and make your tour to the dessert through the best dune buggy a happy and a wise choice. Professional tour guides make you feel comfortable and relaxed, which enhances your joy and happiness.

Dune buggy rental Dubai tours are one of the most expensive adventures in Dubai. Mostly the adventurous people who like tripping off-road are wholeheartedly welcomed here. People book our rides through mobile. We provide our customers with the best buggy in Dubai, which is highly customized, considering the customer’s comfort level. 

Our highest priority is our customer’s safety; our buggy car is designed with hard iron roll cage embedded on both sides, especially the upper side, to avoid any collapse. Our professional trainer always stays with you to keep you updated and solve problems if you face any. We provide an opportunity to our customers/guests to only enjoy themselves without any worry in mind, relax their minds and cherish the memories of their trip.

Important Safety Tips

We prioritize the safety of our customers/guests. Our buggy cars are designed with particular kinds of hard iron rods forming a cage-like cabin which provides safety; secondly, our buggies have advanced speed meters which do not let you exceed the limit.

Our guides will be with you on all-time assistance and will give you a full elaboration of the best dune buggy Dubai. Due to safety and other advanced features, you would like to enjoy more time on dune buggy rental. We will make sure your tour becomes memorable and mesmerizing in Dubai.

Detachment of buggies from other desert vehicles

Maintain a safe gap between yourself and the cars in front of and behind you. Make sure that no other cars are in your new path before you decide to go in any direction. In the desert, speeds of more than 120km/h are conceivable, making other cars arrive quickly in your danger zone.

Cruciality of Buggy Rental Dubai

With numerous exciting, thrilling, and breathtaking activities available in the UAE, it is undoubtedly the central hub for adventure seekers in the middle east. Buggy rentals in Dubai are just one of many thrilling activities available. 

A dune buggy ride in Dubai at the soft sand & massive dunes is the perfect place to experience an unforgettable dune buggy ride. In the heart of the Dubai desert, you’ll have the most exciting and thrilling experience. 

If you would like to enjoy a dune buggy ride with your friends or family, do not hesitate to contact us. Have a blast in the sand on your next weekend trip or vacation. Hiring a dune buggy is an incredible adventure experience if you are an adventure seeker.

You will drive to the limit of the buggy as you drive through the Dubai desert in a dune buggy. Join us and learn more about the desert in the Arabian Peninsula. When it comes to dune buggy tours in Dubai, we provide the best available services. On your buggy tour in Dubai, we will give you an experience that will push your boundaries safely but steadily.

How to Reach a Dune Buggy Rental in Dubai?

When you know you wish to have a buggy race, the next step is how you will reach us for booking? Reaching us is the easiest thing; you simply have to open our website and book yourself a slot through the website or through a phone call. 

Once you book your buggy car through buggy rentals Dubai, the next is on us to pick you up and drop you off. Our cars are 4×4 land cruisers, Nissan armada, and Toyota cars. If you are more than 4 people, you can get our taxi, the land cruiser in, 650 dirhams only. 

Getting our pick and drop service is entirely your choice. You can also reach the destination yourself, which is the pretty red desert of Dubai by contacting any of the taxi services near you in case you do not want our taxi service, which is just 150 dirham per person. 

Just come and enjoy your dune buggy rental Dubai tours on the most beautiful dunes and make your tour worth memorizing. 


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